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Jackie Love(BEAT Issue 2)

Updated: May 5, 2022

The Love for Fashion

As the founder of “J. Love Fashion School Etiquette,” My passion for the model & fashion industry allowed me to thrive by teaching children the fundamentals. I have been in this sector for 30 years as a professional model for many designers. I held the title as the first plus-size model and was allowed to share my expertise with the NFL. Sponsorship was provided by the cancer society, which was an inspiring event. I started traveling with Essence Magazine in 2003, and since then, I’ve increased with exposure. I enjoy working with the youth, and because of this, I dedicated my time sharing my experience and knowledge to teach the special needs children all about fashion. Being the first school to teach autistic children how to walk the runway in fashion shows is an honor. My first student gained the confidence to walk in four-inch heels as a teenager. She’s now moved on and enrolled in a four-year college as a full-time student. I also have a 21-year-old young man who is currently a part of my industry and has been with me since pre-teen.

As an autistic individual, he excelled and was able to get booked with four movies and has been acknowledged in many newspaper articles for his accomplishments. I’m so excited to be a part of all the great things everyone has gained being a part of; “J. Love fashion School Etiquette.” Like all businesses, the challenges always persist. Being a fashion mogul, I’ve had many ups and downs! One of the downs was a health issue that caused me to lose part of my hearing in 2009 and speech in 2016. The results of this made me fall into a financial decrease, forcing me to lose everything in my position. I received corrective surgery and had to reevaluate my time for therapy sessions to help me regain my hearing and speech properly.

I was asked to help with the planning of an event, and at the time, I was still in recovery, but because of the love I have for this industry, the Lord allowed me to gather the strength, and I was able to proceed to help the special needs children be a part of the show. As a mother, assuring I stand to my word is essential, especially when it involves the children. These special ones are so dear to my heart. Therefore, receiving smiles with hugs of joy lets me know my contribution will help fulfill their dreams and future goals.

As a senior fashion legend, I’ve gained the opportunity to work on many projects alongside some very successful people in the industry; popular radio stations, celebrities, fashion designers, and music artists, and held the position as a director for additional essential projects. I’ve worked with many publications, and I’ve been taught by the best and learned the proper diverse aspects of hair and beauty to help be an excellent service to so many music legends. I’m the big sister to a well-known popular Iconic Deejay; “Kidd Capri.” who’s allowed me to be a manager at some of the local clubs he entertained, and then it led me to move to the “Jacob Javits Center” in NY to perform the first hair show.

The doors continued to open, and I performed at Brooklyn fashion week and the Fashion Art Institution of Technology, AKA (F.I.T). This experience also allowed me to be an instructor at the school, teaching the students the fundamentals of fashion. At times, there was a frustration to leave the fashion industry, but I continued with his command with my faith in the Lord and being a dedicated follower of Christ. In addition, receiving motivational feedback from some great people increased my wisdom, and I continued to flourish.

As a longtime legend in fashion, my motivation for the new beginners would be to; Do your homework and research the best benefits that will significantly contribute to your craft. Ensure that you are clear and have mastered your pitch about yourself and your knowledge before going live. Remember never to take shortcuts and continue to increase your experience for a better outlook of who you are; follow the best blueprint that will identify who you are in the fashion. From there, you’ll succeed accordingly.

Motivational Quote.

When you fall, never stay down push with the effort to get back up stronger.”