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About The Publishers

Warren A. Griffin; Industrial Plant Operator | Novelist | Associate Publisher |  Editor

Kimberly Y. Griffin, MPH;  QMHP | Community Health Epidemiologist  | Author | Founder |Publisher

After experiencing the loss of three loved ones in a ten-month span, both Kimberly's parents, and the sudden passing of her depressed son who gained his wings due to an overdose. The pain was life-changing, so she surrendered to God’s calling using her testimony to cultivate awareness of mental health and the opioid overdose deaths of Fentanyl!

In May 2020, the birth of Bully Magazine was created with the help of her husband.

Both worked endless hours and published 12 issues filled with inspiring stories touching individuals and communities globally. Delivering testimonial articles to provide hope to each reader while receiving positive feedback from their supporters and identified as; “The Power Couple” the Griffins continue to keep a humble mindset as they heal hearts through each publication and their non-profit organization, Support Joeys Heart. Each year they brainstorm creative campaigns that will provide resources to families, children, senior citizens, and veterans of all diverse backgrounds who may be experiencing hardships due to life's difficulties. Receiving smiles, touching hearts, collaborating, and networking with other businesses to build initiatives while serving the communities as they keep their son’s memory alive. The publishers believe everyone's day should be filled with inspiring stories that fill your heart with joy. Begin reading the testimonies featured in Bully Motivational Magazine to uplift your spirit Today!


Support Joeys Heart

Motivation gives you a personal pleasure!


Motivation gives you energy that's eternal from within become inspired.

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