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About The Publishers

Warren A. Griffin; Industrial Plant Operator | Novelist | Associate Publisher |  Editor

Kimberly Y. Griffin, MPH;  QMHP | Community Health Epidemiologist  | Author | Founder |Publisher

After enduring the loss of both parents and the sudden passing of her son, who tragically succumbed to an overdose amid battling depression, Kimberly found solace in surrendering to God's calling. She transformed her pain into a powerful testimony to raise awareness about mental health and the opioid crisis, specifically focusing on Fentanyl.


In May 2020, the Griffins birthed Bully Magazine, a testament to their resilience and commitment. Working tirelessly alongside her husband, they published 15 impactful issues, sharing inspiring stories that resonate with individuals and communities globally.

Embraced as "The Power Couple," the Griffins maintain a humble mindset as they heal hearts through each

publication and their non-profit organization, Support Joeys Heart.

Annually, they brainstorm creative campaigns to provide resources to families, children, senior citizens, and veterans from

diverse backgrounds facing hardships due to life's difficulties.

Their initiatives include collaborating and networking with other businesses, serving communities

while keeping their son's memory alive.

The Griffins believe in filling everyone's day with inspiring stories that bring joy to the heart. Start your journey by reading the uplifting testimonies featured in Bully Motivational Magazine and let your spirit soar today!


Support Joeys Heart

Motivation gives you a personal pleasure!


Motivation gives you energy that's eternal from within become inspired.

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