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The 2024 2nd Annual Bully Magazine Recognition Awards


New Release Available March 2024

the Life Of Christopher J. Travieso AKA - "NU"

We extend our heartfelt condolences on the passing of our first born son, Christopher J. Travieso, whose life came to an end on New Year's Eve 2023.

In honor of his memory, we dedicate our March 2024 issue to celebrate his life and legacy. This edition will delve into the challenges he faced and the moments of resilience during his battle with Sarcoidosis.

As Christopher reunites with his brother Joseph Michael in heaven, we aim to honor his memory with a special collection of new merchandise that symbolizes change — "IT's A NU Season."

This merchandise not only serves as a tribute but also represents the transformative journey and resilience that define Christopher's life. May this issue and merchandise provide solace, inspiration, and usher in new beginnings for all those who seek a fresh start and positive change in this

New Season.


Our Mission

Bully Magazine is a transformative publication that delves into the motivational testimonies of individuals sharing their life experiences.


These carefully crafted issues serve as a source of healing for those seeking a fresh perspective on life.

As individuals release resentment from their past, the magazine provides a platform for freeing hidden emotions held onto for too long. Acknowledging life's challenges as a form of "BULLY," each article unfolds a narrative of tragedy turning into triumph.

Our mission is to guide readers toward inspiration by presenting healing testimonials that break away from the common stigma of "FEAR." Our dedicated authors cover essential topics, contributing valuable insights to enhance the lifestyle of each potential reader.


Join us in the journey of transformation and empowerment.


2023 VOL VI 
Available in Digital Format
and Paper back

Bully Magazine proudly marks its inaugural recognition awards ceremony, commemorating the outstanding contributions of individuals who have shared testimonial articles, supportive advocates, contributing authors, and resilient parents who have transformed adversity into empowerment.

This special, monumental event serves as a testament to their achievements. Moving forward, our publication remains dedicated to ongoing acknowledgment as these remarkable individuals embark

on new journeys and callings.

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Experience the documentary series that delivers hope, aiding individuals in overcoming life's challenges. Follow our growth across all social media platforms. Bully Motivational Magazine isn't just a publication; it's a movement. Join us in inspiring positive change.

The documentaries share life challenges that  impact the surrounding circle in individuals' lives, also known as the

"BULLY Moment." 

Each story honors 

Possibilities, Hope, and Dedication which main purpose is to touch the lives of those who desire a calling. 




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