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Episode 1 Available 
June 1st  2023


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The documentaries share life challenges that  impact the surrounding circle in individuals' lives, also known as the "BULLY Moment."

 Each story honors 

Possibilities ~ Hope & Dedication which main purpose is to touch the lives of those who desire a calling. 


Episode 1
Kimberly Y. Griffin

Our Mission

Bully Magazine: is a publication that creates motivational stories from individuals who share past life experiences.

 These issues were created to help those that require healing.

As individuals release the resentment from their past, it allows them to be free from the hidden emotions they’ve held on to for so long.

Life’s challenges can be a BULLY, therefore each article shares how a tragedy becomes a triumph. 

Our mission is to help readers build inspiration as they read each healing testimonial story. Allowing viewers to break away from the common mental health stigma of “FEAR.” Our authors deliver topics that cover all the important facts to help contribute to each potential readers lifestyle.

Bully Magazine DocuSeries

VOL  V 2023
Available  Now


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